Top 5 Fostering Puppies Tips: Guide To Foster A Puppy

fostering puppy

Hey, All The Dog Lovers!

Well, we know you are here to know about the best fostering puppies tips because you are a kind and a pure soul, who just want to help dogs. Don’t worry, we are with you, and promise you to give support by sharing the basics about fostering a dog. In this piece of writing, we will give you the best tips to be a potential foster dog parent, so that you can get it right and save a precious life.

Hey, don’t need to worry even if you own a beautiful dog, fostering a pup can be a great fun. It can be amazing to play with a foster dog and let him interact with your own dog. Make sure you just not take it was a fun game, but it is a huge responsibility to take care of a foster pup.

So for your convenience, we are going to share the top 5 tips for fostering a pup, continue reading this article and you will get to know about it how to foster a pup while you are having your own dog at home.

#1 Tip Check For Vaccinations

The first thing you need to do is check whether both puppies are fully vaccinated or not.  Might be you foster puppy is too cute, but you don’t know about his background. Surely, you don’t want the diseases, infections, and illnesses to enter in your house, so to avoid this you need to get your foster puppy for proper vaccination.

#2 Tip Keep Everything Clear With Rescue Group

Remember, you have to follow the demands before getting a foster pup in your home. If they want you to keep the foster dog separated from your own dog, then you need to follow their instructions. Maybe they would require you to keep the puppy away from your own dog or feed both dogs separately in different bowls. You will need to keep a foster dog in a separate sleeping quarter if required.

#3 Tip Keep Your Dog Separate

Even if a rescue group let you keep your foster dog with your own dog, don’t get them to interact for a few days. The reason is a foster pup can carry several illnesses like kennel cough, and many others, and surely no one would want to pass those illnesses to their own dog.

#4 Tip Get Them In A Neutral Place

If you have decided to let dogs interact with each other, then you need to get them in a neutral place such a park. This is a good way to begin introducing a foster puppy with your own dog. Make sure to keep the puppy and your dog on leashes while they are interacting with each other. First, let them sniff, get some familiarity, and then get them back home. This would be a slow process; you don’t need to stress any of both.

#5 Tip Behave Equal With Both

This is a very important point to consider. Often when a new pet comes into the home, we start paying attention to it, because it feels new and good. But you need to avoid it, especially if your own dog is a bit of bad temperament. You should show affectionate for both, and equally. You should never try to make your own dog jealous because it can give him a feeling of being ignored, and it can lead him to behave badly. Don’t give your dog’s items to the foster puppy. However, always pay attention to your dog, and your dog will be easy to go with the new one in the home.

Some dogs feel good when someone new enters in the home, but some take it very ill to have divided attention. So don’t rush, and give your own dog proper time to get comfortable with the foster puppy at his own pace.

Hey, remember you have a puppy in your home now, so don’t forget to make your home a puppy-proof home. Put away everything that he can put in his mouth. Just a bit alert!

5 Products You Can Get For A Foster Puppy

Mostly fostering volunteers don’t have to pay for the pup things because people donate and help them. While many rescue groups will ask you to pay for the things from your own pocket if you can.

So here is a list of products that you can get for a foster puppy in your home.

Always make sure you don’t give your own dog toys to the pup. But you should get some toys for your new puppy. It will help you to avoid new puppy attacking at your dog’s toys.

You might have several spare dog bowls at your home. Even your dog would be comfortable to share it with a new pup. But you should bring a new feeding dish and water bowl for a foster puppy. It will be a good idea to put down a separate feeding and water bowl.

Another important thing to look upon! You need to get a separate blanket and bed for your foster puppy. Because if you forced your dog to share his blanket with him, he would get jealous. So you need to get an inexpensive dog bed and blanket which are recommended for the small pups. Maybe you would require to get a crate if your pup is on house training to sleep in at night.

You can get him a beautiful, comfortable, and durable collar with ID. It will help you to teach him basic obedience lessons.

Every dog loves to get treats as a reward for performing well. You should also get your new foster pup lots of treats and reward them for performing some basic commands.


Fostering a puppy is a great responsibility and fun thing too. You have to make your mind well before fostering a dog because you have to provide him with all the basic necessities to survive in your home. It will make you feel sad about saying goodbye, so always prepare for it too.