Know This Before Fostering Kitten

Fostering kitten

Raising up kittens is very much similar to bringing up children as they both need proper care and attention for their well-being. So, if you’ve recently adopted a kitten or planning to foster kittens, consider this guidance and incorporate it.

Dealing with Sleep Deprivation

Kittens need care at midnight that may disturb your sleep, so you need to be prepared for it beforehand. Prepare all formula and collect bottles to feed them instantly at midnight.

You may take the assistance of your partner or another person for kitten care at night. For instance, if you feed kittens at 12’O clock and your assistant does it at 4’O clock, you both get enough time to sleep.

Kittens Care with Full-time Job

It can be hard to foster kittens if you have a full-time job. However, you can always talk to your boss and say “Hey, I’d like to save kittens life and they’re not going to be an inconvenience for any reason”.

You can get a little box for kittens and make them sleep in it, keeping them underneath your desk.

Getting Kitten Supplies

You may get kitten supplies from a nearby store, however, Amazon is an amazing option for all sorts of supplies if you don’t have time for a shop.

For medical supplies, you can reach a vet practitioner. If you’re a kitten organization and have a vet with you, order supplies from him. Alternatively, you can also shop online for most supplies like syringes, needles, sharps, and certain medication.

Dealing with Allergies

Cats are allergic to some of us, so you need some primitive measures to avoid allergies. These include:

  • Get air filters in the house like UV air filter.
  • Take allergy medication.
  • Don’t put kittens on your face.
  • Kittens have less hair than cats, so cleaning them well reduce chances of allergy.

Network Fostering Kittens

It is important to network your kittens for adoption, and social media is one of the best channels for this purpose.  Take strong and beautiful photos of your kittens, make attractive videos, and write appealing BIO to convince viewers for adoption.

Besides this, spread information on a large scale like among neighborhoods, old-school fellows, grocery stores, coffee shop, and also avail Craigslist.

Keeping Home from Stinking

Stinky home is expected when you foster kittens, TO avoid this:

  • Remove grossness.
  • Try scented candles or another scent.
  • Keep kitten box clean, remove waste immediately
  • Use a box having high ends to keep kittens from spreading around the home.

Good Behavior and Socialization

Kittens need socialization and appropriate care for their well-being. For this:

Give them time: When they are in the socialization period, spend at least one hour per day with them, specifically, when they are under four weeks of age. After four weeks, their eyesight and coordination start improving.

Adopt pair: Most cats are naturally socialized and they like to engage with other cats. If one kitten is too small, another adult cat will assist him to learn things. Moreover, they put energy on each other, getting you enough time to do your jobs.

Socializing hissy pity kittens: If your cat doesn’t like other kittens, give them a separate space like a shelve. Allow them to sleep more and incentivize with delicious food that makes them happy.

Combating Compassion Fatigue

To combat compassion fatigue when fostering kittens, take these protective measures:

  • Self-care. Stay hydrated and take proper nutrition, make laps.
  • Detach from things that are not animal rescue.
  • Sense of satisfaction. Set reasonable goals and feel that your work has an impact.
  • Social Support. Help people and ask them to help you.

Fostering Kittens if You are a Kid

If you wish to foster kittens but you’re too young- it doesn’t mean you can’t have them. Convince your parents or guardian to supervise you and sign up the foster. In this way, you can assist them in kittens care.

Alternatively, you can help foster kittens in different ways like:

  • Making twisted fleece blankets for winter shelter for cats and donating them to nearby DNR groups.
  • Designing adoption posters, showing that you’re available for adoption.

Doing a fundraiser for kitten care like a bake sale, selling beaded bracelets for animals, and doing a school project on cats.