40 Fun and Festive Adult Advent Calendars for Christmas

Before we know it, Christmas will be here! No, don’t panic. We’ve found you 40 fantastic Advent calendar gift ideas, especially for adults.

This has become one of the most popular gifting trends for the Christmas season – Advent calendars for adults. In our hand-curated selection, you’ll quickly discover wine and beer Advent calendars, ones that are ideal for your cat or dog, calendars that feature beauty or skincare products, and Advent calenders with tempting treats such as truffles or marzipan – that likely would be more delectable for grown-ups than tiny tots.

The classic tradition with Advent calendars is to start opening these tiny doors to reveal their treasures on the 1st day of December, and then the final door on Christmas Eve. But do keep in mind that many of these calendars would be so festive as holiday gifts when attending a party during the season. You could even give one as part of your sweetie’s Christmas stocking!

Remember – these are super popular now. So if one catches your eye, order it before you think twice. Advent calendars for adults are a new trend that seems to only be growing. If you haven’t given one yet, we imagine you will either give or receive one this year.

Take a look at these festive & fun Advent calendars. Happy Holidays!

From MacysWineCellar

Hickory Farms Christmas Advent Calendar

So charming! Perfect for decor at a holiday party too.

From HickoryFarms

Advent Calendar for Cats

Why, it’s purr-fect for your cat or kitten! Get this, it has a treat for every day of Advent!

From TraderJoes

12 Days Of Wine Advent 12pk

This lovely Advent calendar is filled with Italian wine. A delightful gift.

From WorldMarket

Advent Calendar Cat Treats

Now, don’t forget your feline friends this holiday season! Here is a great Advent calendar, just for them.


From StPatricksGuild

Borgo De Medici Italian Cookie Advent Calendar

This is a traditional Italian cookie Advent calendar. What a lovely way to celebrate the holidays!

From WorldMarket 

DIY 12 Day Advent Calendar Prepacked Sparkling Wine Gift Box

The perfect gift, especially if you are going to a holiday party. You get to pick out which wines go into the box.

From WorldMarket

Advent Calendar for Dogs

Has your pup been extra good this year? Well, we know you’ll want to get them this!

From TraderJoes 

Fortnum & Mason Truffle Selection Advent Calendar

Do you know someone who simply can’t resist chocolate truffles? This is the Advent calendar to get them!


From Williams Sonoma

Divine Dark Chocolate Advent Calendar

Oh, a chocolate Advent calendar for adults of course! What a fun way to celebrate Christmas!

From WorldMarket 

Happy Socks Advent Calendar Gift Box

Who couldn’t use 24 great pairs of socks? A terrific Advent calendar for anyone on your list.

From HappySocks

Butlers Chocolate Advent Calendar

One of the finest Irish chocolatiers – you won’t be able to resist sweets from Butlers! Try a variety of chocolates in their Advent calendar.

From WorldMarket

Williams Sonoma Peppermint Bark Advent Calendar

Love peppermint bark? The perfect Advent calendar to give.


From Williams Sonoma

Niederegger Marzipan Advent Calendar

Simply charming! Marzipan is one of the classic Christmas treats.

From WorldMarket


Williams Sonoma Advent Calendar for Dogs

Is your pup your #1? Get them this adorable calendar.


From Williams Sonoma

Ickx Belgian Chocolate Advent Calendar

Belgium is considered one of the top places in the world to discover chocolate. Here is an advent calendar that adults will certainly appreciate.

From WorldMarket

The Whisky Advent Calendar

Whiskey fan? Here’s a great advent calendar if this is your drink.

From MasterOfMalt 

La Maison du Chocolat Advent Calendar

So sweet, and really chocolate more for grown ups. Get the kids their own chocolate Advent calendar – this one is yours!


From Williams Sonoma

Harry Potter: Christmas in the Wizarding World Advent Calendar

Why not make Christmas simply magical? If you can’t be at Hogwarts this season, this is the perfect gift to give!

From Merchoid

Viba Nougat Red House Advent Calendar

Nougat is a very classic sweet enjoyed during the holidays. Give this Advent calendar to someone you love.

From WorldMarket

ALDI’s Wine Advent Calendar 2019

Know a huge wine lover? Here is the perfect Advent calendar to give them!


Fortum & Mason Rare Tea Wooden Advent Calendar

Do you know someone who adores tea? Then this is the Advent calendar you know they will enjoy the most.


From Williams Sonoma

Enamel Pin Advent Calendar

So charming! The perfect gift to give a tween or teen girl, who always wants to be in style.

From MeriMeri

The Gin Advent Calendar

This has Gin from 23 distilleries and 7 countries. So, enjoy!

From MasterOfMalt 

Created for Macy’s 25 Days of Beauty Advent Calendar

Love Macy’s Beauty Department? Here is the perfect Advent calendar for you.

From Macys

ALDI’s Emporium Selection Advent Cheese Calendar

Do you or someone you know – can’t resist cheese? Here is a fantastic Advent calendar for them.

From ALDI 

Dream Big This Christmas Beauty Advent Calendar

Ooooh! The Body Shop has its own Advent calendar this season. Organic & indulgent, the perfect gift for someone special.

From TheBodyShop 

ALDI Beer Advent Calendar

Want to celebrate the holidays with a good beer? You’ve got to get this Advent calendar.


L’Occitane Luxury Advent Calendar

Choose this beauty gift when you want to give someone something truly luxurious. Twenty four lovely little indulgences.

From Amazon.com by L’Occitane

Hard Seltzer Advent Calendar

Low in calories, but still an adult beverage! This is the first ever hard seltzer Advent calendar!

From GiveThemBeer 

12 Days of Party Prep Beauty Advent Calendar

Isn’t this charming? A beauty Advent calendar that almost looks too pretty to open.

From Anthropologie 

12 Nights of Wine

What an elegant Advent calendar. Get this for holiday housewarming parties!

From GetVineBox

Kiehl’s Limited Edition Skincare Advent Calendar

Kiehl’s makes divine skincare products. We know you won’t be able to resist this Advent calendar.

From Kiehl’s 

JP Chenet Wine Advent Calendar

Is wine your beverage of choice? Get this to sample or for your next holiday party!

From WorldMarket 

Wine Advent Calendar 2019

So elegant and the perfect gift for a friend who loves wine. Get this fun holiday gift.

From GiveThemBeer

12 Days of Brews Beer 12 Pack

Know a beer fan? Give them 12 new beers to sample this holiday season!

From WorldMarket

Biotherm 24 Days of Skincare Advent Calendar

Give your skin extra TLC this season. Try this delightful Advent calendar.

From BiothermUSA 

Minhas Spirits Liquor Advent Calendar

Do you like hard liquor or know someone who does? This is the perfect gift for them to enjoy the holidays.

source: https://bigdiyideas.com/